Ideal Penis Size: Women’s Thoughts

The debate over size ends now. For far too long, we have debated over the size of a man’s penis. While the answer is not exactly simple, the truth is, most women are just fine with the size of their partner’s penis. We will dive deeper into this topic and see what’s really going on down there, though.

The Male Side Of Things

Over on the male side of the physical scale, there is an average penis size of about 5 inches but you can increase it, using titan gel. Again, as tends to happen with humans, this size can vary greatly from man to man. As arousal occurs, increased blood flow causes the penis to grow in both length and width, or girth.

This means that the vast majority of penises fall right around the 5-inch mark. The research done so far hasn’t shown much of a difference of statistics in ethnicity or location. So, the normal penis size in India, the Philippines, and other countries is pretty close to 5 inches.

Most men feel they are below average, but this can be attributed to multiple reasons. First, men are usually looking at their penis from above, causing it to seem smaller than it truly is. Other reasons could be the point of arousal at which the measurement is taken or how the measurement is taken.

The Female Side Of Things

It is impossible to talk about the ideal size of a man’s penis without talking about the female side of things. By this, I am not only referring to what women think about the topic at hand, but also the female body is shaped and sized.

The average size of the female organ is just under 4 inches deep. Just like any other part of the human body, this size can vary from woman to woman. In some cases, the depth of the vagina can be up to 7 inches. During arousal and intercourse, the vagina is able to stretch and elongate slightly due to more blood flowing to that area.

Even with this extra little bit of length, it is possible to cause pain with a big penis. This is due to the penis hitting the cervix. This can be eased a bit with lubrication, but that doesn’t do a lot for the depth of the vagina.

The Female Opinion On the Matter

Statistics show that women mostly are not concerned with penis size. Well, not the length anyways. There are always people who prefer a certain body type, and some women do prefer a big penis over a smaller one. It is possible to enlarge or buff up the size of the penis. Products like Titan Gel take advantage of the body’s natural mechanics to give men a little peace of mind.

The one aspect of a man’s penis women seem to agree matters more than length is girth. The width of a man’s penis may seem more satisfying to women because a thicker base of the penis can actually stimulate the clitoris more effectively. No matter what the reasoning, most females say they are happy with the size of their partner’s penis.

How To Keep the Penis Healthy and Strong

No matter the size, it is always smart to keep your penis in tip-top shape. To help you help her, here are some tips on how to keep your penis healthy and strong:

  • Eating right is a major factor to penis health. Basically, anything that isn’t good for a man’s hart is also bad for the penis.
  • Proper weight management can help prevent some afflictions that can affect the penis, like diabetes.
  • Not drinking or drinking very little is another way to help prevent certain issues that could affect the penis.
  • Being a smoker can harm blood vessels and cause lower blood flow to the penis. Less blood is not ideal down there.

Signs Of a Sexually Satisfied Woman

The entire reason for worrying about the size of your penis is because you want to please a woman in bed. Luckily, it takes a lot more than just size to make that happen. If you want to know what the signs of a sexually satisfied woman are, here are a few clues from an actual woman or two.

A woman who is satisfied after sex often enjoys cuddling afterward. This is a way to share or expand the intimacy of the moment. Partners who often have spontaneous intercourse are more likely be satisfied with the sexual performance. Other things to look for are partners who like to be close or oral with your penis tend to be more satisfied in bed.

When it comes down to it, it is more about what you know than how big you are. Some females do prefer looking at a larger penis, much like some men prefer larger breasts. This is merely a physical attraction that can be improved, but it won’t make things better when it really counts. Take care of yourself to take care of her.