Doctors Opinion about Penis Enlargement Procedures

enlargement doctor opinionIf you think that your penis isn’t as big as it should and you wish to enlarge it, there are plenty of options to choose from – read Titan Gel reviews. Penis enlargement is a cosmetic or surgical procedure that permanently increases the size of your penis.

You can choose to either undergo a procedure that increases the length of your penis, or its circumference. Patients who have undergone these procedures, point out that their confidence and sense of well-being soared after that.

Doctors recommend that you should only consider undergoing penis enlargement procedures if you think that your penis is undersized in proportion to the size of your body. The procedures can also be beneficial to men who feel that they will gain confidence as well as improve their sex life.

Any man who has considered undergoing penis enlargement will attest to the fact that one question always lingers; is penis enlargement safe? Doctors have varying opinions about the risk factors associated with penis enlargement procedures.

Each of the procedures has its pros and risks. Therefore, you can only determine what works for you after evaluating doctors’ opinions about different enlargement methods. Most men opt for surgery, pills, creams, and the use of penis extenders and pumps to increase the size of their penises.

Surgical Penis Enhancement

When penis enlargement gets mentioned, surgery is one procedure that tends to spring to the minds of most men. Also known as halloplasty, surgery can enhance the size of your inch by nearly one inch. However small this increment might sound, it can boost your self-confidence in leaps and bounds.

Doctors recommend surgical enhancement to men who want to increase their penile size to boost their self-esteem and sexual performance, and those who have get diagnosed with micro-penis. If you have this condition, the size of your erect penis will be less than three inches. Needless to say, no man wants to experience this.

If you experience Peyronie’s Disease, surgical penis enhancement can also work for you. Painful erections or a bent penis characterize this disorder. Due to advances anaesthetic technology, surgical penis enhancement isn’t as risky as it was in the past.

Penis enlargement increases both the length and girth of your penis. Often, both procedures are performed at the same time. Unlike other methods, you will experience the results as soon as the surgery session ends. Even so, no surgical procedure is 100% safe.

Surgery can cause extensive damage to your nerve endings, thus affecting your sexual desire. Also, surgical enhancement increases the risk of Peyronie’s disease and impotence more so especially if a quack performs it.

surgery penis enlargement

The Use of Penis Enlargement Pills

The use of enlargement pills is another option for men who want to increase the size of their member. The effectiveness of this method elicits contrasting opinions amongst doctors. The most outstanding argument is that pills often have a placebo effect on patients rather than causing a real increment in penis size.

Doctors often recommend and prescribe penis enlargement pills because they are relatively cheaper compared to enhancement methods such as surgery and pectoral implants. Nonetheless, the efficiency of penis enlargement pills is yet to be confirmed scientifically.

Similarly, you need to take pills for a considerable period before you experience a long-term change in the size of your penis. This puts you at the risk of drug overdependence. Besides this, there are lots of unapproved penis enlargement pills in the market. Unless you buy a specific pill that your doctor has recommended, you face the risk of using a product that will do you more harm than good.

The Use of Extenders and Stretchers

There are lots of penis enlargement tools out there. The use of devices such as penis pumps, weights, and extenders can achieve considerable results. Nonetheless, these tools don’t usually work for everyone. The high risk associated with the use of these tools to enhance the size of the penis explains why doctors rarely recommend them.

You should not start using penis enlargement tools just because you heard that they helped increase the penis size of someone you know. The result could be agonising and undesirable since the tools increase the chances of tissue and muscle tear. They can also be destructive to blood vessels in the penile region, thus leading to erection problems. It also takes long for you to witness any notable change in your penis size.

Even in cases where penis enlargement tools are used, doctors often advise patients to proceed with moderation. In most cases, penis enlargement tools get supplemented with pills to achieve the desired outcome.

Penis Enlargement Creams, Gels, and Ointments

Men who prefer using creams and ointments rather than other products attest to the fact that these products are relatively easy to use compared to alternative enhancement methods. The use of creams and gels is also an excellent option for individuals who want to keep their penis enhancement journey a secret.

Similarly, pills are not ingestible and therefore, the risk of addiction is low. The active ingredients in most pills are natural, thus making creams a considerably safe penis enlargement option. On the flipside, however, most penis enlargement creams and gels are associated with short-term results.

Doctors opine that it is only after one has used creams for a considerable period that he will experience long-lasting results. There is also an element of embarrassment when you use creams since you will need to wash them off after application. Without that, you are likely to be left with unsightly stains on your clothes.

cream for enlargement


Every man wishes that his penis was an inch or two longer. Each penis enhancement procedure comes with its share of risks. Rather than choosing a method just because someone you know opted for it, you should discuss with your doctor about the pros and cons associated with it. You should keep in mind the fact that not every procedure yields long-lasting results, thus the need to find what works best for you.