7 facts about sex you should know

Sex is an inherent part of our life. But have anyone ever thought, for example, how many sexual acts are occurring at the moment? Or how sex can help to become healthier?

We have gathered 7 facts about sex you ought to know.

7 facts about sex infographic


What is the duration of male and female orgasm?

Men can orgasm for as less as 5 seconds to as long as 22 seconds. For women, the average is 20 seconds. Also there are individual differences in orgasm duration and you can increase it – read how to use titan gel.


During orgasm, heartbeat can reach up to 140-180 beats per minute.

Eight men, 24 to 40 years of age, were studied in the privacy of the bedroom during sexual activity with their wives. Their heartbeat and blood pressure were monitored by a portable tape recorder.


During sleep, a man experiences about 9 erections, regardless of what he dreams.

Erection can occur without sexual stimulation. There are several causes for it. Among them: hormonal changes during the night or physical stimulation from tactile contact with the bed sheets.


Every 5 seconds on Earth occur 2778 sexual acts.

Along with that 6% of the world population struggles with sex addiction
Whether or not sex addiction exists continues to be discussed. It is defined as compulsive sexual behavior that has a negative impact on a person’s life. Around six percent of the people struggle with sex addiction, according to clinical psychologist Patrick Carnes (the University of Florida). He states that for every three men with a sex addiction, there is one woman.


People who have sex once or twice a week receive a boost to their immune system which could help ward off colds and flu.

#6  A bit of statistics

About one out of 10 married adults – 12 percent – say that they typically sleep alone.

This suggests that not all people are satisfied with their marital life.

Such a delicate topic as sex is always surrounded by many misconceptions. Here are some of them.


False: Men think about sex every 7 seconds

True: 54 percent of men said they think about sex several times a day, 43 percent responded a few times per week or just a few times per month, and 3 percent said less than once a month.

The most comprehensive researches about sexual habits in the United States were performed by Edward Laumann and colleagues in 1994. Almost half of the men reported thinking about sex not once a day, but rather somewhere between a couple times a week to a couple times a month.


False: Men with big feet also have big penis.

True: The development of penises and toes (as well as clitorises and fingers) are influenced by the same gene. But the length of one does not predict the length of the other.

In a study of more than 3,000 men, no correlation was found between the self-reported size of feet and that of the penis. Skeptical of a man’s ability to size himself up, some researchers have, well, taken things into their own hands.

For example, a 2002 study, headed by Jyoti Shah at St. Mary’s Hospital in London, compared foot size to carefully measured penises. Among 104 items correlation was not found.